I adore experimentation of ideas and materials but my passion is for watercolour.  I love the way that the paint flows from the brush and the  luminescence of transparent watercolour contrasting with opaque colour.  My colours are often applied wet in wet with pigments, water or other substances dropped into the wet paint.   Sometimes my paintings are mixed media with the main component watercolour or at other times  different mediums take the main stage.  My paintings are often layered using collage materials ,printing, inks, gouache and anything else that takes my fancy, in an experimental way.   I am always looking for new way to express myself and will use any technique that I think will give me the expression I am aiming for.  I enjoy contrasts of organic and geometric shapes often using these to effect in my designs.


“veiled beauty” An original watercolour painting by Deborah Pugh


“Beach combing” An original painting by Deborah Pugh. Watercolour with mixed media