Artist Biography

Deborah is a largely self taught, Kent based artist specialising in watercolor and mixed media art. Her mother, though with limited mobility, was a keen amateur artist who taught Deborah to observe the shapes and colours that can be found in the most mundane objects. Despite this lifelong interest in art, Deborah only began her personal art journey in 2006, following an accident that left her husband paralyzed.

Watercolor painting became Deborah's refuge throughout her husband's recovery and the physical and emotional upheaval of moving with her three children to Salisbury, to be closer to the hospital. Deborah is active in her local art societies and runs watercolour lessons for adults and accompanied children on Saturday mornings, as well as exhibiting her art across Kent. She lives on the Isle of Sheppey with her husband, three children, and an assortment of horses, chickens, and ducks.

Artist Statement

Although I paint in many mediums, watercolour is my passion (along with acrylic inks) as I love their fluidity and translucence.  The fluidity of these mediums creates spontaneity, lending itself to the creation of emotive paintings. Watercolour and acrylic inks create different effects depending upon the surface on which they are laid. For this reason I utilise a variety of different papers, collage, and textural base mediums in my art.

Before painting my initial layers of watercolour or ink, I often add marks (created with pens, pencils, oil pastels etc.) to the paper. These marks will shine through (or resist, in the case of the oil based media) the translucent media, adding depth and richness to the painting. By using a variety of water-soluble and non-water-soluble materials, I am able to create areas of hard and soft edges, depending on the mood and atmosphere I am after. 

I regularly take photographs and sketch en plein air. However, most of my finished paintings are created in the studio. I rarely paint directly from photographs or sketches, instead using them as an aide memoir to the sights, sounds, and the feelings evoked during my time outside. My sketches tend to be quite realistic, but back in the studio I take a pared down, abstract approach, focusing intuitively on the most striking elements. It is this process that keeps me interested in painting, as new ideas and concepts form.